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Professional Headshots for you or your entire company. We come to your office or place of business and work with you to create a set of professional headshots that fit your brand or style. This page is your preparation guide to walk you through details like what to wear and choosing a backdrop. These samples are a starting point on your preparation but remember that a detailed conversation with our staff will make your headshot experience so much smoother and yield a better image for your brand! 


Your wardrobe is an extension of your brand and your headshot is the epitome of this. Choose an outfit that represents what you would wear when meeting with your top customers face-to-face. 

  • Avoid strong patters or bright colors. These distract from the subject - you!

  • Accessories are great, we will shoot with and without them to give you options. 

  • An outfit that can easily transform (jacket, tie, scarf etc...) is another great way to give you options at different dress points. 


Background choice is our second most common question and dependent primarily in how you will use your headshots most. For most corporate headshots, we look at the company website and match a backdrop to the branding and site colors. 

  • White - Modern, bright and lively. 

  • Grey - Our most popular and versatile option. 

  •  This also can be a great option for a variety of uses and looks classic with a hint of modern. 

  • Muslin - our most traditional backdrop option. The grey muslin has a classic executive feel and can be photographed light or dark depending on branding needs

  • Custom Color - Unique and easily branded to your organization, a custom color backdrop is a no brainer when you want something clean and professional that hints to bold! 

  • Be on time. We always build in a little time buffer to allow for enough time with everyone. 

  • Hair, Makeup and Grooming: Remember, this is your first impression to your customers and prospects to spend the extra time the day-of. We want you looking your best, but also comfortable for you!

    • Men: Unless your natural look is scruffy, remember to shave the day of or trim your facial hair. Bring any product that you use with you in case you need to touch up your hair/beard. 

    • Women: Please do not over-do your makeup. We want you to look the way you do every day when interacting with customers. If you want, bring a little extra powder to reduce shine from the lights if needed once we start shooting.  You know what you are comfortable in and that is what we want! 

    • We usually have extra hairspray available if needed, but if you need a brush or comb please bring your own.  

  • Retouching: We retouch every image to make sure that the final results are polished and perfect. While we can't preform miracles, let us know anything you are sensitive about or would like changed. Our philosophy is to do a minimal amount of retouching so that it looks as natural as possible - not an airbrushed 1990's magazine cover! Remember, we do this for a living and have heard every request you can possibly imagine, so be honest and open and we will make those notes for our final edits. We want you to feel great about your headshot! 


Our team of highly flexible creatives with cross-trained experiences allow us to be agile and productive across a range of projects. Focusing on telling visual stories for our brand partners, we seek to craft unique and engaging brand content.


Our team members have experience from feature films to college sports broadcasts, all of which build to form a comprehensive visual marketing team that can execute marketing content on-site for immediate distribution to your target audiences. 

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