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Raw, Local Honey

Raw, Local Honey

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Wonderful Raw,  local honey made right here in Wylie, TX. 

All of our honey is made by our hard-working bees!  It is raw, all natural and unfiltered.  Raw, local honey is different from season-to-season and year to year, which is what we love so much about it!  But this means that each time we harvest, it will look and taste different! 


    Honey is all natural and will not spoil, though it may crystalize after a long time on the shelf (or quickly in the fridge). If it does, simply warm it back up (not in the microwave) and you should be good to go for a good long while! 


    If you have any issues, let us know and we will work with you. 


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    Shipping - Currently we are not setup to ship honey. If you are intersted in shipping reach out, a minimum of 6 pounds will apply +shipping charges.

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