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interviews play a pivotal role, serving as the narrative or foundational storyline for the film-making process. This guide is designed to equip you with valuable tips and insights, ensuring you are well-prepared and fully aware of what to expect when participating in professional video interviews. Whether it's a testimonial-style conversation or a more scripted segment, many key elements remain constant. By familiarizing yourself with the information provided here, you'll be better equipped to navigate the process, enhancing your comfort level on set.


Please explore the content within this guide and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Our primary objective is to empower you with the knowledge needed to eliminate uncertainties, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy the experience of being filmed. We understand that being on camera can be daunting for many, but your story is integral to the narrative we are crafting – and we're here to support you every step of the way!


Your wardrobe is an extension of your personal and professional brand. . Choose an outfit that represents what you would wear when on your best day. This is often a favorite style or color. 

  • Avoid small patters or highly saturated colors (such as red, bright yellow or orange).

  • Accessories are great, they add character and visual interest. 

  • An outfit that can easily transform (jacket, tie, scarf etc...) is another great way to give you options in case you want to change or adjust the outfit once on set. 

Hair, Makeup and Grooming:

Hair, Makeup and Grooming: Remember, this is your first impression to your customers and prospects to spend the extra time the day-of. We want you looking your best, but also comfortable for you!

  • Men: Unless your natural look is scruffy, remember to shave the day of or trim your facial hair. Bring any product that you use with you in case you need to touch up your hair/beard. 

  • Women: Please do not over-do your makeup. We want you to look the way you do every day when interacting with customers. If you want, bring a little extra powder to reduce shine from the lights if needed once we start shooting.  You know what you are comfortable in and that is what we want! 


How do you choose shoot locations when not pre-scouted? We select on-site locations based on client recommendations and availability. It's helpful if you can provide a few options, considering factors like time of day and ambient audio.

  • THE SIGNIFICANCE - The significance of the location to your story is paramount. Opt for places where you regularly work or live, visually connecting with your story.

  • THE SPACE - More space is better for dynamic shots. Choose locations with depth to make shots more engaging. Avoid having subjects against a wall.

  • THE LIGHT -We prefer natural light but can light scenes as needed. Unique lighting in a space can add interest to the scene.

  • THE SOUND - Select spaces with minimal ambient noise. Loud HVAC, busy areas, or constant sounds like music or construction can impact audio recording negatively.

​​Tips to remember

Testimonial style interviews do not need to be scripted, we will have a conversation and walk you through the topics. When answering questions, if you do not say it perfectly, we can always go back and try it again. Remember it is a process and takes a little time but our goal is to make you look good. 

Typical Interview Timeline:
  • All projects are different and we will communicate expectations in advance for your project.

  • We usually ask for 1 hour of your time for the ‘interview’.  

  • Typically we spend 45 minutes to 90 minutes with load-in and setup before our interviewee’s “call time”

  • 10 Minutes for mic check and settling in.

  • Interviews last 20-40 minutes on average.


Our team of highly flexible creatives with cross-trained experiences allow us to be agile and productive across a range of projects. Focusing on telling visual stories for our brand partners, we seek to craft unique and engaging brand content.


Our team members have experience from feature films to college sports broadcasts, all of which build to form a comprehensive visual marketing team that can execute marketing content on-site for immediate distribution to your target audiences. 

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